DEKRA Process Safety

process safety consulting

Many industrial processes experience the presence of static electricity as a source of ignition and shocks.

Electrostatic discharges (sparks) can also trigger fires and explosions in industry endangering life and causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. Problems also range from poor powder-flow to surface contamination of newly finished and stored items and shocks to personnel

Some companies are not even aware that these problems are due to static. However, once the cause is identified, a workable solution can be provided.

How DEKRA Can Help

  • Consultancy
  • Laboratory testing
  • Incident Investigation
  • Contract R&D
  • Expert Witness
  • Tailored or off-the-shelf solutions

Innovative Applications of Electrostatics

Electrostatics can also be harnessed for beneficial uses in a range of areas, with enormous potential for commercial development. DEKRA has the expertise to undertake development programmes on behalf of clients from initial feasibility to design of full scale process equipment.

Our Research and Development projects have included:

  • Powder Manipulation
  • Powder Deposition
  • Dust Removal
  • Materials Separation
  • Liquid Atomisation
  • Spray Drying
  • Fine Coatings


JCI Chilworth is the brand name for a range of specialist instrumentation in the field of electrostatics, and has been part of Chilworth Global since February 2009 (see here for the original press release). Three instruments are particularly important within the JCI product range:

  • JCI 140 Hand-Held Static Monitor is a handheld detection and measurement instrument used widely in many industries and by electrostatic professionals.
  • JCI 131 Adverse Conditions Field Meter is even suitable for long term monitoring of electric field outdoors.
  • JCI 155 Charge Decay and Capacitance Loading Measurement System assesses the electrostatic properties of materials for safety and QA purposes.

All have a range of optional accessories enhancing and extending functionality, making for one of the most comprehensive range of exceptional quality instruments of their type in the world.

Further information about the range of JCI instruments can be found here.

For specialist process safety instrumentation and test equipment, also manufactured by DEKRA, see our Instruments page.