DEKRA Process Safety

process safety consulting

Identification of material hazards, their labelling and safe transportation.

Companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of chemicals such as household products, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, biocides and plant protection products, need to establish whether their product is hazardous and if so how to label and package the material so as to ensure safe transportation.

DEKRA offers a vast array of physico-chemical properties tests with the ability to arrange and co-ordinate toxicological and eco-toxicological studies on materials for formal regulatory classification. Our resident experts can provide the appropriate risk assessments for formal regulatory submissions.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

In order to apply any of the provisions stated in the Model Regulations it is necessary for a person to be qualified in the field of transport safety and therefore they must hold the DGSA certificate. DEKRA has trained staff with the DGSA certification to assist companies in their transport requirements.

Quality Matters!

All of our laboratory operations in the UK are compliant with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). This quality standard ensures a high level of quality assurance for any data obtained. Our test methods are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the latest test standards are applied. When needed, we also have the versatility and ingenuity to design and perform one-off or specialised tests. Our testing capabilities are supported by experienced consultants who can help you apply any data obtained.

How DEKRA Can Help

DEKRA has experts in the field of transportation including DGSA certification. They can assist you by:

  • Assisting you to select the correct test strategy
  • Ensuring that the testing is as cost effective as possible
  • Providing assistance with interpretation of results.
  • Arranging special test conditions for highly active and toxic materials.
  • Providing expertise to assist with the application of data, the classification requirements and preparation of a formal submission documentation
  • Providing links to companies that can perform toxicity and eco-toxicity tests.
  • Assessing whether the data has any effect on process safety issues such as ATEX or DSEAR.

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