DEKRA Process Safety

Turning Process Safety Training into Competencyprocess safety training


Date 06/03/18
Time 3PM GMT
Location Online
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The management of process safety competency is a critical aspect for any process industry willing to progress its process safety performance. It’s no longer simply a question of receiving and providing training but transferring, internalizing, assuring and maintaining competencies. This webinar shall give you a new perspective on the best practices for developing and maintaining process safety competence within your organization.

This webinar will be presented by Hervé Vaudrey, the Regional Director of our European Process Safety group. His main areas of expertise are process safety management audits and implementation, gas and dust explosions, electrostatics hazards, thermal hazards and risk analysis. He is an experienced lecturer in a wide range of process safety subjects in the last 15 years. He has given over 100 process safety trainings and lectures worldwide (France, UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, India, China, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) in French, English and Spanish, many under the Chilworth Process Safety Academy.

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