DEKRA Process Safety

process safety training

Flexible, local, open-access courses covering topical areas of process safety, legislation and best practice

DEKRA has thousands of hours of experience in process safety and over the years has developed a range of specialist courses. Our aim is to assist companies in developing and promoting and understanding of hazard awareness in their workforce as well as providing detailed technical knowledge on hazard and risk assessment and legal compliance. Our courses are available either as public events or as tailored in-company courses. Details of the benefits of each format can be found on the following web pages.

For assistance, please email us or call Hilary Fielder or Victoria Troke on +44 (0) 23 8076 0722.

Upcoming Courses

Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success
10-13 September 2019, Manchester

This 4-day course, Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success, covers Hazardous Area Classification (HAC), Dust, Gas and Vapour Explosion Hazards, Industrial Electrostatic Hazards and Non-Electrical (Mechanical) Ignition Risk Assessment. The course can be booked as a complete four day package, or as individual/multiple days dependent on personal requirements.

Please note, this course is now accredited by IChemE.

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Preventing Reaction Runaway
8-9 October 2019, Southampton

This course is designed to equip staff with the necessary tools to be able to identify chemical reaction hazards, interpret test data correctly and develop a robust basis of safety. A special focus is provided on the design of emergency relief systems as a primary safeguard in asset protection and life preservation. It is a multidisciplinary course straddling chemistry and chemical engineering to seek to close the gap between the disciplines which often results in processes being scaled up that could have been inherently safer.

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