DEKRA Process Safety

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An organisation must learn from both the process industries and its own experiences

A company which is committed to a risk based approach to process safety will have in place a management system which examines, reviews and acts on both internal and external sources of information relating to process safety experience.

For example:

  • Investigation of incidents (and near misses).
  • Application of process safety lessons learned to their process safety systems and culture.
  • Continual measurement of process safety performance and improvement in areas that are risk significant.
  • Constant review of management systems to ensure they work as intended and a facility is effectively managing risk.

DEKRA can help its organisation with learning from past process safety experience by:

  • Providing assistance with the development of incident investigation procedures, including training in writing work practices for incident investigation.
  • Conducting investigation of process safety incidents and near misses to identify and address root cause.
  • Helping develop suitable leading and lagging metrics.
  • Evaluating of existing process safety metrics through on-going PSM audits and gap analysis.
  • Evaluation of existing systems including the provision of training in writing work practices and procedures for Process Safety Compliance Audits, including management audits.
  • Help with development of PSM auditing programmes and evaluate existing safety management systems.
  • Conducting pre-audit assessments to ensure companies are ready for regulatory inspections.

Expert Witness Services

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We have extensive knowledge of past incidents, their legislation and remediations, so we can investigate authoratatively and impartially represent the facts to an Expert Witness standard while, most importantly, providing solutions for the future.

DEKRA has helped publish major safety studies, such as the Baker Report on the Texas City incident in the US.


Many of our findings contribute significant improvements to key areas of process safety and we sit on a number of industry bodies such as the Institute of Physics' Electrostatics Group and the Institution of Chemical Engineers' Safety and Loss Prevention Group.