DEKRA Process Safety

laboratory testing

We operate GLP compliant dust explosion, chemical reaction hazard, thermal stability and regulatory laboratory testing labs here in the UK

DEKRA has been a prinicpal provider of Process Safety test data to a wealth of organisations since 1986. We offer state of the art ISO 17025 and GLP accredited dust explosion, gas and vapour flammability, and electrostatic testing laboratories and specialist facilities for the evaluation of thermal runaway reactions and energetic materials (pyrotechnics, propellants, explosives).

Our facilities, located on three continents across the world, are able to perform over 300 standardised tests to a multitude of global standards, as well as numerous non-standard ones. We can fully tailor a testing programme to suit your needs, ensuring that you do not have to test substances repeatedly for the right result. Covered in more detail across the following pages, just some of the laboratory testing we can offer are itemised. If your test is not showing in this list, please contact us as we may be able to help.

laboratory testing

Why Choose DEKRA?

Our complete testing, data assessment & interpretation

  • DEKRA can manage your entire materials testing requirements, offering a turnkey service that not only collects data through rigorous experimentation and testing but also reports and interprets the results. Our process safety specialists with vast experience in the industry provide practical interpretation of the results focused on customer’s needs.

Our research capability to conduct standard and non-standardize testing

  • Our testing laboratories located in UK, US and China gives your business full access to cutting-edge testing techniques and dedicated laboratory testing teams.

Our customer centric service

  • We strive to ensure our reports are comprehensive and meaningful. We assist our customers to optimize their choice in selecting the most appropriate data (i.e. test selection) specific to each industrial case.

Our flexible delivery

  • Emergency service in 2-5 days and standard service from 2 weeks.

For more information on the services we offer, please contact us.