DEKRA Process Safety


Choosing the correct process safety instrument is a complex and technical task. Whether it's for an R&D laboratory or an on-site testing application, DEKRA has nearly 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of advanced instruments.

DEKRA is a member of one of the world’s leading expert organisations with activities in some 60 countries. Our expanding range of market-leading laboratory equipment demonstrates our commitment, developed over 30 years, to sharing our knowledge and design expertise in this important process safety area.

DEKRA has tens of thousands of hours experience in providing process safety solutions for our clients. Producing customised test regimes to solve particular plant problems, undertaking hazardous area classifications, electrostatic audits and most recently ATEX137 and DSEAR audits. The company also provides a rapid response for incident investigation and, if necessary, expert witness services. Our client base covers more than 2000 companies and includes manufacturing companies in the fine chemicals/pharmaceutical, bulk organics, food stuffs, paints, resins/plastics, dyestuffs, pigments, agrochemicals, soaps/detergents, oil/petrochemicals and the legal and insurance sectors.

process safety instruments

With increasing emphasis within industry on safe plant and processing, the role of DEKRA as your centre for process safety expertise has never been more important. Our dedicated range of specialised and bespoke instruments play a key part, providing best quality and GLP validated solutions for your process safety testing needs. Our expertise in the design, personalisation and supply of advanced, technical laboratory instruments is built on the innovation and high manufacturing standards we have developed.

At DEKRA, we know you rely on the very best instrumentation from BAM Fallhammers to Carius Tubes, MIE Apparatus to Resistivity Equipment, all backed by our practical, tecnhical support and the highest standards of quality, dependability and accuracy. Our Testing Laboratories regularly employ our equipment, ensuring it retains its full technical application and reliability for all your testing needs.

At DEKRA, we are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure your needs are not only exceeded but are fully supported for the long run. Our full range of laboratory instruments can be viewed in the index on the right with expert advice, guidance and support only a call or email away.

Contact us today and see why DEKRA is acknowledged by our peers as The Global Experts in Process Safety.