DEKRA Process Safety

process safety mgt

Specific tools for process safety management

DEKRA will assess a company's level of Commitment to Process Safety by employing specific tools including:

  1. Assessment questionnaires
  2. Employee behavioural assessments and profiling
  3. Interviews
  4. Site visits

Assessment results will be presented to the client in the form of measurable parameters, and will consider:

  • Top management's commitment towards safety
  • Clarity of communication relating to process safety and other management requirements
  • That a company has clear Roles and Responsibilities in the PSM arena
  • Its attitude to PSM systems
  • Its ability to learn from past experience
  • The effectiveness of its training policies
  • The behaviour of employees to PSM systems

The assessment leads a way forward to improve safety culture by identifying Process Safety Leaders for each of the safety culture element and make them responsible and accountable for its improvement by Measures', 'Recognition', and 'Improvement Processes'.

DEKRA can also assist your company in:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Defining leading and lagging indicators for individuals and organisation.
  • Providing training in different areas of process safety engineering and process safety management as required.
  • Monitoring of performance.
  • Focusing on human factors and ergonomics which contribute to unsafe behaviors and in turn accidents.

DEKRA has grown strongly to become the recognised global leader in process safety consultancy and testing. With bases throughout Europe and India and GLP accredited testing laboratories in the UK and USA, you can fully rely on our expertise.

DEKRA's unrivalled experience in analysis, testing, consultancy, design, training and expert witness services means, whatever their size or scope, you have a knowledgeable partner for your process safety with us.

Our consulting engineers work across a vast array of process industries from chemicals, pharma, food & drink, petrochem, biomass, waste and many others. We have extensive knowledge of past incidents, their legislation and remediations, so we can investigate authoratatively and impartially represent the facts to an Expert Witness standard while, most importantly, providing solutions for the future.

No two sites or projects are exactly the same, so our tream of skilled and knowledgeable experts will take the time required to fully understand your site, its operational needs and any staff training requirements necessary. With a comprehensive knowledge of the latest regulations, our skilled and dedicated engineers will report objectively and confidentially, working alongside you to implement any changes in a constructive and manageable way.