DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 191C - Controlled Humidity Test Chamber

Including the JCI 192 Dry Air Supply


  • Easy to use, common sense controls
  • Allows preconditioning of samples prior to test with JCI 155v6
  • Relative humidity range 15% to 65%
  • Temperature range = Ambient ±10°C.

General Description

The JCI 191C is a regulated test chamber that provides, in conjunction with the JCI 155v6, the opportunity to measure the charge dissipation and capacitance loading capabilities of materials under defined humidity conditions with measurement of temperature and humidity. Relative humidity can be controlled and measured from 65% down to below 15%. Temperature can be controlled to ±10°C around ambient.

The JCI 192 (sold separately) is used in conjunction with the JCI 191C and provides it with a low pressure flow of very low humidity air via a push-in connector for 6mm airline plastic tube. This tube (typically 3m long) can be connected directly to the input push-in connector on the control box of the JCI 191C. The supply pressure is set to operate over an output pressure range between about 0.05 and 5 p.s.i. Tyically the air normally has a dewpoint of -35°C or less.

controlled humidity test chamber


  • Chamber size: 600 x 700 x 300mm (internal dimensions)
  • Relative humidity control: From 15% to 65%
  • Accuracy: ±3.5% RH for humidity & ±2.5°C for temperature at the extremities of the above measurements
  • Controls: Push buttons to enable target humidity and temperature levels to be set with potentiometer
  • Dry air supply: Standard 6mm push-in plastic tube connector
  • Dry air supply 0.1SCFM
  • Power supply: Mains power is connected via an IEC connector on the Control Box. Operation from 240V 5VA supplies. External supply should be fused 3A.

Compatible Instrument

  • JCI 192 Dry Air Supply