DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 180 - Lightning Warning System


  • Provides 10 - 15 minute warning of possible lightning in the immediate vicinity
  • Simple to set up and use - one of the most compact and light weight systems on the market today
  • Rugged construction and compact design
  • Can operate in temperatures from -10°C to +45°C
  • Portable and easy to move or remain in fixed locations for up to a year with minimal maintenance
  • Detection of storms in real time displaying lightning risks as green, amber, red warning alarm system
  • Data monitored and continuously recorded by your computer
  • Accurate device for electrostatic atmospheric condition monitoring for environmental and academic research.

General Description

The JCI 180 Lightning Warning System is your portable, flexible and cost effective lightning warning solution, deployable within minutes across diverse terrains and environmental conditions.

The class-leading stability and accuracy of our respected JCI 140 field mill technology underpins this reliability. The JCI 180 sensor stand can also be fixed in a single or remote location for up to 12 months with minimal attention other than the use of an ‘in-situ’ laptop with power to download and store live or accumulating lightning data. This data can also be accessed by a remote wireless link where internet coverage is available.

lightning warning systemlightning warning system


  • Range : Detects lightning more than 20 miles away
  • Temperature range : -10°C to +45°C (although will continue operating in -15°C to -20°C short term conditions)
  • Software : Display of local electric and atmospheric fields
  • Continuous logging of archive data
  • Graph control buttons such as Pause, zooming, alarm reset
  • Diagnostic display – base station and sensor status
  • Alarm – green, amber, red alarm status
  • Set up screen to enable initial on site system calibration that is easily performed by an operator and permits Y intercept and Y scaling to be set (figures used to convert raw input data from the sensor to atmospheric electric field - alarms are derived from the latter)

Complete System Components

Include the following:

  • Sensor head
  • Sensor stand main parts
  • Sensor cable
  • Base station
  • Base station power supply
  • Base station USB cable
  • Earthing (grounding) spike
  • Earthing (grounding) braid

The following minor parts may be separately identified:

  • Sensor head stand fixings (screws, nuts, washers, etc)
  • Tools (for sensor head stand fixings)
  • Sensor head stand cable clips