DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 178 - Charge Measurement Device

JCI 178 including the JCI 178X Extended Range Measurement Unit


  • Hand held with full scale to 200nC (standard version)
  • Highly portable with mounting feet option for permanent installation
  • Single coaxial connection to JCI 150 faraday pail
  • Battery or mains powered via JCI 142 External Mains Adapter
  • Resolution 10pC (standard version)
  • Extended range version available with a full scale of 200μC.

General Description

The JCI 178 is a compact instrument for the sensitive measurement of charge in the range 10pC to 200nC. A special low sensitivity version, the JCI 178X , can be custom manufactured giving the operator the capability to measure up to 200μC.

For measurement of charge transfer in electrostatic discharges the unit can be fitted with a JCI 179 Spark Discharge Probe. This ensures that observations can be interpreted with confidence and valid judgments made on the risk of ignition presented in relation to quantities of charge transferred.

charge measurement device


  • Sensitivity range: 20nC & 200nC FSD for JCI 178
  • 20μC & 200μC FSD for JCI 178X
  • Power supply: PP3 replaceable battery
  • JCI 142 External Mains Adapter
  • Accuracy and linearity: Within ±5%FSD.

Accessories & Services

  • JCI 142 External Mains Adapter
  • JCI 143 Analogue Output Cable
  • JCI 169 Permanent Mounting Feet
  • Calibration to BS7506: Part 2:1996
  • Digital USB Oscilloscope & Datalogger
  • JCI 150 Faraday Pail
  • JCI 179 Spark Discharge Probe

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