DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 165 - Data Acquisition Module

This device is compatible with the JCI 140 in combination with the JCI 146 and permits the user to observe and record high voltage data remotely to PC over an optically isolated USB link.


  • Fixed installation (permanent earthing attachment required)
  • PC USB compatibility over optically isolated USB 1.1 connection permitting remote observation of high voltage
  • Provides power to JCI 140 static monitor (requires separate earthing)
  • LCD monitor for battery voltage
  • Takes 10x C cell batteries for long battery based operation
  • Small size can be installed in most labs conveniently
  • Uses proven data logging technology.

General Description

The JCI 165 data acquisition module provides an interface between the JCI 140 static monitor and a laptop PC thus enabling high voltage dc measurements to be carried out remotely via an optically isolated USB PC connection.

data acquisition moduledata acquisition module

Key Features

  • USB Oscilloscope computer software
  • USB 1.1 optically isolated data acquisition module
  • Nominal 12V power supply to JCI 140 integral within
  • JCI 165 unit
  • On board battery voltage monitor
  • Miscellaneous leads supplied
  • Optionally available – JCI 140 static voltmeter and JCI 146 high voltage adapter

Compatible Instruments