DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 150 - Faraday Pail

Compatible with JCI 178 Charge Measurement Unit


  • Range of net charge measurement 0-200nC
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Single coaxial connection to JCI 178 charge measurement device
  • Suitable for powders, liquids & solids

General Description

The JCI 150 Faraday Pail is a low profile Faraday pail for reliable measurement of net electrostatic charge on powders, liquids and small items. Charge received into the pail is measured using a JCI 178 Charge Measuring Unit with 20 and 200nC ranges of sensitivity. Charge is measured with a resolution down to 10pC. (Alternative sensitivity ranges for the JCI 178 are available). Readings are zeroed by a ‘Zero’ button on the JCI 178 or via a remote push button.

The JCI 150 unit comprises a Faraday Pail supported on high quality insulation. Connection from the pail to a virtual earth charge measurement unit is made via cable connection to the BNC connector.

The charge appearing on the outside of the pail is equal to the net quantity of charge placed into the pail. It is not necessary that the charge introduced actually conducts to the pail, so measurements are equally applicable to insulating materials and conducting components placed into the pail. The shield over the pail ensures that measurements are little affected by nearby static charges on people or surfaces.

faraday pail

Key Features

  • Sensitivity with JCI 178: 20 & 200 nC full scale 10pC resolution (20nC range)
  • Zero stability: Noise within ± 10pC. Zero stable to ± 100pC
  • Accuracy and linearity: Within ±5% FSD on JCI 178 display and analogue output
  • Dimensions: 130mm dia base plate 95mm high
  • 60mm dia pail, 38mm high. 60mm aperture in shield.

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