DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 147 - Faraday Pail

Compatible with JCI 140 Monitor


  • Measures charge on materials inserted into pail
  • 1pC resolution (2 nC range)
  • JCI 140 instrument is removable for independent surface voltage measurements
  • Assess electrostatic charge properties of pharmaceuticals and other powders
  • Net charge measurement

General Description

The JCI 147 Faraday Pail is an accessory for use with the JCI 140 Static Monitor.

Together they make a sensitive instrument for precise and reliable measurement of electrostatic charge placed in the pail, with a resolution down to 1pC. The maximum measurement at this resolution is 2nC, however a 20nC range is available in the same instrument at the flick of a switch.

The unit comprises a Faraday Pail mounted on high quality insulation in a well-defined location relative to the sensing aperture of the JCI 140 Static Monitor. Objects or materials placed in the pail raise the voltage of the pail according to its capacitance. This increase in voltage is measured by the JCI 140 and quantified as nC on the display.

faraday pail


  • Sensitivity: 2 and 20nC full scale with 1pC resolution (2nC range)
  • Sensitivity selected by rear panel switch or external control signal
  • Accuracy & linearity: Within ±5% FSD on display and analogue output
  • Dimensions: Overall 180 x 180mm baseplate, 335mm high
  • Pail 50mm diameter, 75mm high, 50mm aperture in shield.

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