DEKRA Process Safety

JCI 146 - High Voltage Adapter

For use with JCI 140 Static Monitor and JCI 165 Data Acquisition Module


  • Direct live conductor measurement up to ± 60kV dc
  • High accuracy measurement with no loading effects
  • Low input capacitance
  • Very high input impedance, low earth leakage system
  • Can be used in a broader range of test measurement and research systems
  • Optional battery powered and opto isolated data acquisition module available for remote monitoring of high voltage.

General Description

The JCI 146 is a voltmeter adapter component that is designed for integration into wider experiment systems. Used in combination with our world renowned JCI 140, the system enables live conductors with voltages up to ± 60kV dc to be measured through direct connection accurately within ± 2% nominally with no loading effects on the equipment under test.

The JCI 146 high input impedance and low capacitance lends itself to more accurate measurements of high voltage dc. Other conventional techniques for directly measuring high voltages (e.g. high voltage meters, capacitive and resistive divider networks etc.) often give inaccurate results due to earth leakage. Leakage effects experienced with the JCI 146 are minimal.

This equipment is popular as a means of cross checking the calibration and accuracy of any high voltage generating source, with electric power companies, calibration test houses, EMC test houses, HV power supply manufacturers, HV relay manufacturers, HV capacitor and resistor manufacturers, cable testing companies and cable tester manufacturers to name but a few application areas.

high voltage adapterhigh voltage adapter



  • Measurement : Maximum Measurement Voltage ca 60kV dc
  • Input Impedance : Not less than 4.7x1013 ohms at ± 50kV
  • Input Capacitance : 32pF (± 10%) (JCI 146 chamber only)
  • Installation : Fixed Installation (permanent earthing attachment required)
  • Usage : Used within Faraday cage environment (not supplied as standard)
  • Accuracy : Nominally ± 2%
  • Attenuation : 1/10th of reading displayed on JCI 140
  • Optional : JCI 165 opto-isolated USB data module for continuous logging of data to a remote laptop computer; DEKRA can provide an overall system package to meet your bespoke requirements.

Complete System Components

  • JCI 146 Voltmeter adapter
  • JCI 146 High voltage unscreened cable
  • JCI 140 Field Mill Static Monitor (optional)
  • JCI 165 Data Acquisition Module (optional)

Compatible Instruments