DEKRA Process Safety

The DEKRA Process Safety Academy assists in bringing process safety competence to organisations globally

Competence is more than classroom training. Training is defined as the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour. Competence is a person, group or organisations’ ability to do something successfully or efficiently. DEKRA is present across the globe, providing leading subject matter experts available to lead programs in a wide variety of languages but with a local emphasis.

Excellence in Process Safety is:

  • Being genuinely proficient and competent in the requisite technical disciplines
  • Having the appropriate level of knowledge in key positions, embedded throughout the organisation with a mechanism for longevity

Proficiency means more than training:

  • Traditional classroom education is the starting point for genuine competence
  • Supplemented with practical (on-site) application sessions
  • Mentoring and coaching to ensure that proficiency is embedded, proven and refreshed

The DEKRA Process Safety Academy provides a global platform for consistent education, according to established syllabi, in all core elements of Process Safety.

Our proficiency and mentoring is available in all major international languages tailored to specific local requirements cultural and legal, and delivered through our local centres of excellence across the globe. Consistency in program content is central to the Academy philosophy, so you can be assured that there will be consistency wherever it is delivered, and whoever it is delivered by.

Structured Process Safety Education

Our comprehensive, globally applicable, library of Process Safety education programs are grouped into four modules:

4 modules venn

Our globally applicable core programs are complemented by a wide range of related courses and programs which are tailored to specific industry sectors, regions and regulatory environments such as ATEX, DSEAR etc. Courses can be developed based on existing content or new content to reflect an organisation's approach to process safety, such that it complements and embeds your internal practices through our trained facilitators. It is often the case that genuine process safety experts within organisations are spread too thinly to address competence development in a thorough and efficient manner.

DEKRA, your partner for training and competence programs for your managers and teams throughout their career.

We offer training courses and competence programs that are:

  • Effective, establishing clear targets and skills to be developed with information applicable to day-to-day activities
  • Delivered by globally recognised subject matter experts
  • Accompanied by managerial follow-up; pre & end of course graded tests
  • Providing additional, value-added services such as:
    • Hotline Experts - our telephone support solution, mentoring your staff to guide them in knowledge application
    • Supplementary Back-Up Training - through further structured training or surgery style support
    • On-site Practical Application - to review the topic area in the plant environment
  • Globally consistent but locally delivered
  • Multi-level; through operators, technical roles to managerial and board members

With business programs which are:

  • At your convenience -
    • With custom made solutions - in-company sessions tailored to your business's operating processes
    • E-learning modules - for practical tuition between open or in-company courses, refresher training, topic specific
    • Webinars - as an introductory session, follow-up or for raising awareness
    • Tailored workshops - using your specific scenarios or case studies
  • Flexible - 1 hour to several days
  • At your own pace - in one session, quarterly or annual
  • As regular refreshers - used to top-up knowledge and proficiency

DEKRA is a 'high-tech' player in an ever changing environment

In response to our client's requests, we created our Process Safety Academy in 2009. The DEKRA Process Safety Academy brings together a team of vastly experienced practitioners, specialist facilitators and honed training content to provide a rich mix of education combined with practical applications.

International Expertise in Industrial Process Safety

  • Strong reputation advising industrial companies (2000 clients over 26 years)
  • Leadership in industrial process safety
  • Process safety: Risk analysis (HAZOP, QRA etc), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL), incident investigation
  • Electrostatic risk, chemical reaction hazards
  • Explosion risks (ATEX compliance)
  • Hazard & third party expertise studies (Seveso sites)
  • Sizing of explosion events
  • Process safety audits
  • International facilities (Europe, North America & Asia)
  • Multinational contracts
  • Supported by our safety data test laboratories